Mechanical Carpentry


The whole manufacturing line is divided in manufacturing centers. We start from a wide area for the stockpiling of raw material: iron, stainless steel and aluminum rods of various profiles and measures.

The material is moved to the custom cut center. Cut rods moves to the rolling center, where rolling is customized according to the diameter we need to get and on the diameter of the plate.

Manufactured metals

Stainless steel

Afterwards the particulars re welded, grinded and polished in the welding centre by specialized workers with welding licenses.

They are then moved to the flange turning phase. Minimum flange diameter is 120mm and maximum flange diameter is 900 mm.

If necessary the next step is the drilling and threading. We can drill flanges with a minimum diameter of 120 millimeters and a maximum diameter of 5000 millimeters.

From cut to rolling, from turning to drilling, from welding to bending of helicoidal pipes, each process is done by specialized workers of a specific center.